Installation and running the GUI

iMap4 requires Matlab 2013b (version 8.2) or above with the Image Processing Toolbox and the Statistics Toolbox. If your Matlab environment is equipped with the Parallel Computing Toolbox, some function will launch in parallel to speed up the computation. To installation iMap4, simply unzip the .zip file, direct to ./Matlab_Installation_Package and double click the iMap4.mlappinstall. Or you can download iMap4.mlappinstall directly.

iMap4 Installation1

iMap 4 is then installed on your Matlab software as an application. You can now click on the Apps tab on Matlab main window to locate the app. You can also find the content of iMap4 under your default Matlab search path: ./MATLAB/Apps/iMap4 iMap4 Installation2

Launch iMap4 GUI simply by clicking the app or type >>iMAP in your command window iMap4 Installation2

You can click on the ? to open this wiki

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