Using the GUI (8): Post-hoc analysis

Post-hoc Analysis in Significant Cluster(s)

Here we show how to perform a post-hoc analysis in a significant cluster.
After performing ANOVA or linear contrast, one or more masks will be generated. You can then perform post-hoc in these masks (similar idea as the Region or Area of interested). A post-hoc analysis is applicable if any interaction presented, or any condition contains multiple levels. You can select one or more significant area(s) as data-driven ROI(s) for the post-hoc.

If you are using the GUI, click on Post-Hoc.
Then selected the correspondent RawMap:
iMap4 GUI58
Please note: in the GUI you should perform this step right after ANOVA or Linear Contrast.

or simply:

  >> [PostHoc] = imapLMMposthoc(StatMap_c,RawMap,LMMmap,'mean');

A pop-up will appear for you to select the region. You can select multiple regions and press “Enter” when finish. You can also press “Enter” without selecting anything to skip a mask. Student t-tests of the raw fixation value for all possible pair comparison of the categorical predictors within the mask will be performed.
iMap4 GUI59
iMap4 GUI60

Significant contrast is shown in the last matrix.

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