Other useful features and function

The following functions could be called as standalone function, we find them quite useful in some occasions.

  • iMap4\/imap_utilities\/rdmfixmap.m

    It computes the representational dissimilarity matrix of smoothed fixation map basic on Mahalanobis distance.

  • iMap4\/imap_utilities\/imsqrmat.m

    Publication ready figure output of square\/nearly square matrix.

  • iMap4\/imap_utilities\/CategoricalName.m

    It extracts the catigorical predictors from model betas

  • iMap4\/imap_utilities\/CIforFixed.m

    It outputs the 95% Confidence intervel map. If bootstrap spatial clustering is applied as statistics it also output bootstrapped 95% CI.

  • iMap4\/GUI\/descriptive_part.m

    It outputs the descriptive result.

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